5 Ways That New Restaurant Equipment Is Better Than Used Equipment

6 September 2017
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If you're thinking that buying used restaurant equipment will be a good idea for your restaurant, you may want to do your research first. These are a few of the reasons why buying new can be so much better: 1. It Often Has Improved Safety Features Safety is probably one of the things that you are most worried about in your commercial kitchen. Newer equipment often has improved safety features, such as automatic shut-offs. Read More 

Two Smooth And Delicious Hummus Recipes That Are Great For Snacking

29 August 2017
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Hummus is, in so many ways, the perfect snack. It satisfies your cravings with its smooth, creamy texture. You can scoop it up onto anything from carrots to crackers, and it's healthy, too! If you'd like to make your own hummus for snacking or to serve at a party, here are two recipes to try. Each has a different, but equally delectable flavor. Garlic and Herb Hummus This garlicky hummus is made with roasted garlic, so it has a sweeter, richer flavor than you might get from your typical garlic hummus. Read More 

Commercial Kitchens: Why They Are Only As Good As Their Equipment

28 August 2017
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Commercial kitchens, such as school kitchens and community soup kitchens, require a lot of equipment to function like a well-oiled machine. When they do not have enough equipment, or the right kind of equipment, they cannot function properly. Here are some reasons why commercial kitchens are only as good as their equipment. Commercial Kitchens Have to Move Quickly Commercial kitchens have to move quickly. They have to produce food for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people in a very short time. Read More 

Think Outside The Burrito: Eat Healthy At Mexican Restaurants By Choosing Traditional Entrees

17 August 2017
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If you're trying to watch your weight, dining at a Mexican restaurant might seem like a bad idea; Mexican food seems to be synonymous with large amounts of cheese, ground beef, sour cream and refried beans. However, it's easy to cut down on the calories as long as you make the right decisions when you're ordering. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine without negatively affecting your waistline. Read More 

Top 4 Categories To Include In A Blog For Grilled Food Recipes

13 August 2017
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If grilled foods are your passion, then you may wish to share your love and knowledge with home cooks across the globe. This can be accomplished with a blog for grilled food recipes. When creating your blog, it is important to include relevant categories so readers can quickly navigate their way around your site. Below is a list of the top four categories you'll need for your grilled foods blog: Read More