Top 4 Categories To Include In A Blog For Grilled Food Recipes

13 August 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If grilled foods are your passion, then you may wish to share your love and knowledge with home cooks across the globe. This can be accomplished with a blog for grilled food recipes. When creating your blog, it is important to include relevant categories so readers can quickly navigate their way around your site. Below is a list of the top four categories you'll need for your grilled foods blog:

The Recipes Themselves

Since the main focus of your blog is the tasty dishes you can create with your grill, this should be your first category. You may wish to create a few subcategories to better manage the recipes and make it easier for your users to select the type of dish they're looking for. For example, you could go with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert subcategories or with something like chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables.  

Grilling Tips

While providing your subscribers with recipes is important, it's also an excellent idea to offer a few grilling tips that will help readers make the tastiest meals possible. Perhaps you'd like to suggest letting the meat rest for 20 minutes before cutting to keep it juicy or you want to recommend creating foil pouches for cooking vegetables. This is the place to help your users take their dishes to the next step.  

Best Marinades 

There may be a lot of great ready-made marinades on the market, but there's nothing better than making a delicious sauce from scratch. Bloggers may wish to leave this category open-ended so that countless marinade recipes that work well with grilled foods can be added, or they may prefer to select their top 10 marinades. When selecting the top 10, keep in mind you'll want a variety that covers different types of meats and vegetables, not just 10 marinades that are only good for chicken. 

Equipment Reviews

Using a good quality grill to cook the recipes you've listed on the blog is just as important as following the recommended tips and selecting the best marinades. Creating a category for equipment reviews gives you a chance to let readers know the pros and cons of the grills, utensils, and accessories you've had the opportunity to try. You can also use this category to generate some additional income by partnering with the companies that sell the pieces of equipment you find favorable. When someone purchases an item you listed on the blog, you'll earn a commission for it. 

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