How Can I Increase My Organic Bread Distribution?

26 August 2017
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When you're making organic bread, without all of the preservatives that typically come with that product, it becomes even more important to control your supply and distribution chains efficiently. After all, any product that is not distributed and sold quickly will go to waste. With that in mind, there are a couple of great ways to increase your distribution and sales of organic bread products:

Use Distribution Software

You can use distribution software to show you the best routes and times for your deliveries. A lot of overhead with your product comes from transportation and distribution labor costs, which means you have to raise the price, which means that you may not get to distribute your product as widely. If you have a good distribution software that makes your path more efficient, you can distribute product more quickly, which will give it a longer lifespan between delivery and sale (and eventual consumption). 

Offer Coordinated Purchasing Options

Many of the retailers who would sell your organic bread products are smaller shops that focus on quality rather than on volume. That would make it hard for them to order quantities large enough to warrant a discount. But then, the problem is that they may not be able to afford your products at all, and you will lose out on sales and distribution of your product. 

One solution that organic bread makers can engage in is to coordinate purchasing between local small bakeries and shops. The discount may not be as deep since you still have to make multiple deliveries, but you can save some time by grouping people together and you'll get more sales. 

Use Supply Chain Software

You can also use software to streamline your relationship with buyers. On one hand, it lets the customers see when certain products have just come in stock so that they can place their orders early. It may alert customers when new products come into stock, or when out-of-stock products become available. On the other side, it will help your customers keep track of their own inventory and know when they are running low and need to order more product. That way, you can keep your product moving onto the shelves, and your buyers will never be hungry for your product. In short, there is a need for close coordination of timing in organic bread distribution, but there are plenty of ways to tackle this problem. 

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