Commercial Kitchens: Why They Are Only As Good As Their Equipment

28 August 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Commercial kitchens, such as school kitchens and community soup kitchens, require a lot of equipment to function like a well-oiled machine. When they do not have enough equipment, or the right kind of equipment, they cannot function properly. Here are some reasons why commercial kitchens are only as good as their equipment.

Commercial Kitchens Have to Move Quickly

Commercial kitchens have to move quickly. They have to produce food for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people in a very short time. If they are without proper equipment, they cannot complete cooking tasks and most everything comes to a standstill until a decision can be made on how to proceed. When all the right equipment is present, the hectic pace of the kitchens continues and food is prepared and sent out on time.

Commercial Kitchens Need Equipment That Lasts

You cannot use personal kitchen equipment in a commercial equipment. It is neither large enough nor durable enough. If your commercial kitchen is operating with home cooking equipment, it is not really operating to its fullest potential. Everything from knives to ladles, bowls to pots, and more will break, melt, start fires, rust, etc., all because you are using equipment that was made for home use instead. (Your home use kitchen equipment seems to last longer at home, but only because you are not using that equipment two or three times a day, five to seven days a week.)

Commercial Kitchens Need Enough Equipment for Each Cook

In a commercial kitchen, you will easily have six or more cooks. Each one is responsible for preparing a different station of food. If your commercial kitchen does not have enough equipment for every cook, it will be impossible to complete everything on time. When some food stations use the same equipment, it becomes even more important for every cook to have what they need.

Buy Only Quality Equipment

Finally, it is important that commercial kitchens buy only quality equipment. High-quality commercial equipment, such as that sold by Vollrath equipment suppliers, lasts longer and washes up easier. Anything that makes a commercial kitchen run better is worth the investment.

If high-quality equipment is not currently in your kitchen's budget, try buying a few pieces at a time. Buy pieces you know the kitchen will use a lot, and with which the staff has the hardest time cleaning and cleaning quickly. Over time, you can make your commercial kitchen even more efficient than it is now. Contact a supplier, like Louis Wohl & Sons Inc, to get started..