Storing And Serving Sauterne Wines: Three Things To Know

3 September 2017
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Sauterne wines are sweet white wines from the Sauternais region of Bordeaux, France. They are sometimes used with the dessert course of a meal, but they can also be enjoyed on their own or paired with certain types of savory dishes, such as foie gras or oysters. Knowing how to serve and store these types of wines can add to the overall tasting experience. Here are a few things to know about storing and serving Sauterne wine:

Invest In A Wine Cooler

Not all wines should be served chilled, but Sauterne wines often taste best chilled. Newer vintages should be chilled at a lower temperature than older ones, but you can adjust the temperature to your personal preferences. Some wine coolers have specific temperature settings for each type of wine, which takes the guesswork out of storing all your vintages. If you prefer to keep several types of wines on hand in addition to your Sauternes, look for a cooler with dual-zone temperature control. Typically, you can chill your Sauternes along with your chardonnay, white Burgundy, and Pinot blanc.  

Keep A Cork In It

Sweet or dessert wines sometimes don't get finished during a single meal, so you'll want to know how to store your opened bottles of Sauterne wines. Keep the bottle corked after opening, and store it back in your wine cooler. You may want to label the bottle with the date it was opened, as you won't want to keep an open bottle for years on end. If you don't have a wine cooler, keep the bottle in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place, such as in your basement on a shelf.

Serve Appropriately

The type of glass you serve your Sauterne wine in will depend on when you are serving it. If you will be pouring during the appetizers or main course of your meal, you can use traditional glasses meant for white wines. However, during the dessert course, opt for an apertif or cordial glass. Be sure to uncork the bottle in advance to give the wine time to breathe. If your guests prefer their wine cold at the time of serving, you can chill the glasses before dessert begins. An easy way to remember to uncork in advance is to open your bottle after you clear the dinner dishes. By the time you are ready to serve dessert, your Sauterne should be ready for your guests.

Explore different types of Sauterne wines to find the ones that speak to your palate, and use these tips to ensure proper storage and serving.